luminatus vocal ensemble

The singers flowed through a labyrinth of entangled phrases with poise and warmth

A choir of exceptional ability

A refreshing collegiality and flexibility

Edinburgh music review 2023

luminatus is a small group of high quality singers. The performers are hand-picked professionals, able to adapt their sound according to the needs of the varied repertoire.

This is predominantly Renaissance music, often pieces which have been brought to life through research. The group also aims to perform contemporary repertoire and support the work of under-represented composers. The majority of the music performed is unaccompanied, although we also work with period instrument ensembles for larger scale pieces.


The group was formed in 2017 and has evolved over time to include a pool of about twenty performers. The criteria for new singers is reviewed regularly. At the moment, we ask for:

  • An ability to read complex music with precision and sensitivity.
  • The flexibility to adjust sound in order to form a cohesive ensemble.

We are always happy to receive applications from new singers – please see the link to join as a singer

About us

luminatus aims to put on concerts in the East Midlands and East of England. We provide opportunities for musicians of the highest quality and are a welcoming and inclusive groups.

If you would like to get involved we welcome your support, which can be provided in several ways. You might want to provide financial resources, volunteer some time or support in other ways. We are very friendly and would love to hear from you.

Why not join our mailing list to find out about new events and special offers?

luminatus professional vocal ensemble is currently directed by David Bray

Buy tickets for St John Passion - JS Bach

The St John Passion ~ JS Bach

Bach performed the St John Passion on several occasions, making several changes, before returning to his original ideas.

Please join us for an intimate performance, with period instruments and a small group of highly skilled singers. The aim is to recreate the type of ensemble experienced by Bach.

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